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Yongkang CD-Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional development and production of complete sets of design and production of metal mesh wall of professional manufacturers. Founded in 1997, after 17 years of innovation and development of enterprises is the earlier development of design and production and sales of complete sets of metal mesh wall of the professional manufacturers. Only after a few years of high-leap-style development, products from scratch, from weak to strong, every year to increase investment in technological transformation and product development efforts, strengthen the management team training, the marketing team Construction, focusing on the growth of marketing networks, and always maintain the metal wall in the same industry leading position. Is the metal mesh manufacturers counterparts in the benchmark!

CD-high in the same industry in the production of the largest and best product quality, the highest grade metal mesh, the shortest delivery time, the fastest installation. CD-only has an independent production, research and development of a full set of metal mesh wall accessories and the timely implementation of patent products enterprises.

CD-high will take full advantage of the existing scale, brand and Yongkang advantage of the hardware, Changbu R & D center of the powerful strength of outstanding scientific research personnel gathered to absorb the international forefront of technology, market-oriented to meet customer needs, Keen on innovation, rational management.

CD-high is the development of the industry in the metal mesh wall enterprise standards currently the only enterprise. Let the world gather Yongkang hardware, hardware Yongkang to the world. Yongkang hardware in the hot land to create a professional production plant metal mesh wall of the aircraft carrier.

CD-high will be a new management model and efficient mode of operation, efficient logistics and transport the way to lead the outstanding team dedicated to provide our clients with quality services.

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